How it works

The press release: short and snappy

TwitterTante places your well-thought-through press release – including necessary images – in her pressroom. From there your message can be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and G+. The receiver can of course also copy and paste the message for in a newspaper 😉

Target group: vloggers, bloggers and journalists

TwitterTante selects a target group from the Twitter database that fits your message perfectly, thanks to the algorithmic systems of The target group consists of people who passionately blog, vlog, post or write about the core message of your press release.

The medium: Twitter

We create a Twittercard for you which acts as the basis for your tweetable press release. A Twittercard is a message with a short introductory text, an image and a subtitle. One click on the image directs you to the newsroom and the press release.

Sending the message: featured tweets

The message is sent via a featured tweet. This means that the post will appear at the top of the newsfeed of your target group. The receiver can choose to ignore it, or retweet, like and click on it. The latter is of course the aim. After the click (via the Twittercard) he ends up in the TwitterTante newsroom, where he can find the complete press release.

Via her dashboard, TwitterTante keeps an eye on the activity of your online message So: how often it is opened, liked and retweeted. We also look at how many followers are reached by the retweet and analyse the social media statistics of the campaigns of this site. Once the campaign is complete, we send an update so we can evaluate its success together.

  • No waste, but hypertargeted
  • Affordable
  • Quick and effective

If this tickles your fancy and you want to make use of free campaigns; get in touch with us!



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