Villa Borobudur Amsterdam, December 2016… At an unbelievably beautiful location in Central Java in an oasis of green and with a breathtaking view of Borobudur, two Dutch entrepreneurs have developed a five star boutique villa hotel. This winter Hotel Villa Borobudur offers its guests the opportunity to be pampered just like recent visitors Queen Margrethe II and Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark. This four day Royal Tour – with exactly the same trips and excursions chosen by the royal couple – can now be booked exclusively by guests of Villa Borobudur!

Last year Villa Borobudur was selected to receive the Queen of Denmark and the Prince Consort because of its excellent service and unique location. The five star Central Javanese hotel now offers its guests the opportunity to discover Yogyakarta and Central Java, just like the royal couple, during this four day arrangement which goes, appropriately, by the name ‘Royal Tour’.

Royal Tour; private villa

A sunrise visit to Borobudur and lunch at a unique location overlooking the confluence of the Elo and Progo rivers are just two examples of what’s on the programme. Returning home, a relaxing Javanese massage awaits in your own pool villa.  That’s right, just like the royal couple, guests who book the Royal Tour spend three nights in Villa Kayangan or Villa Diponegoro, where not only breakfast but also lunch and dinner are prepared with traditional Indonesian devotion by a Javanese private chef.

Lovely and authentic

“Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s enthusiasm for the visit to the Borobudur, Mendut and Pawon Temples and the Limanjawi Art House was infectious. In fact the same can be said of her introduction to Villa Borobudur – lovely and authentic is how she described it – where Javanese hospitality and a rich diversity of local cuisine occupy centre stage. The concept of experiencing authentic Java and the hotel as a social entreprise in balance with its surroundings, made a huge impression on her. That’s why we thought it would be fun to share the royal couple’s experiences with our guests. Hence the Royal Tour”, says hotel co-owner Noëlle Haitsma, looking back with satisfaction.

About Villa Borobudur

An introduction to the rich, authentic Javanese culture, support of the local population who, six years ago, built the hotel and to this very day are employed there, and conservation of the beautiful natural surroundings are some of the cornerstones that Villa Borobudur promotes and   derives its success from. The hotel comprises thirteen rooms and private villas (joglos) situated in a large garden with breathtaking views of Borobudur Temple, the volcanoes Merapi, Merbabu and Sumbing, the surrounding villages, rice fields and wider vicinity.

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